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Police chiefs have linked a surge in the use of a psychoactive substance often called monkey dust, which causes risky and dangerous behaviour amongst users, to social media. Monkey dust, or MDPV, is a class B drug that has gained recognition in current months in the West Midlands, particularly in Stoke-on-Trent, although few other police forces have famous its use.

Ch Supt Jeff Moore, Staffordshire police’s head of neighbourhood policing and partnerships, has warned of a possible public well being disaster if the problem will not be instantly tackled. He said the pressure was receiving an average of 10 or extra calls a day related to the drug, with 950 incidents responded to in the past three months.

Commander Simon Bray, the Nationwide Police Chiefs’ Council lead on drugs, said drug use often spreads quickly in sure areas due to conversations on social media. “It becomes common in relation to a group of friends and then information about it's unfold more easily by means of social media than it will through cellphone or phrase of mouth,” he mentioned.

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“It isn't a concerted plan, however as soon as somebody has had monkey dust and starts extolling its virtues or promoting it locally, sellers respond to that. Monkey dust is an off-white powder that can be swallowed, injected or snorted. Although it is synthetic, MDPV is from a household of medicine known as cathinones which embody the naturally occurring stimulant khat. When officers respond to an incident involving monkey dust, they find users are extremely paranoid, which causes them to be violent and agitated.

Moore stated: “The drug is extremely addictive and extremely unpredictable, which means emergency services can typically wrestle to offer the suitable treatment to these beneath the influence. Every consumer acts differently, displaying behaviour that is risky and dangerous to both the person and emergency services personnel responding. “The level of resource required is commonly far better than we have experienced earlier than, with some suffering the effects of use for a number of days.

Monkey dust lessens people’s perceptions of pain and causes robust hallucinations that lead to severe paranoia. Bray, who is also head of Metropolitan police safety and specialist operations, mentioned there was at present no suggestion the drug would unfold to other areas, and use of it appeared to be centred on West Mercia and the West Midlands. “I am conscious of the media experiences and senior police saying it is significant drawback.

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